Conscious Kids Cookies

Conscious Kids Cookies Featured on Celebrity Chef Katie Chin & Becca Cooking Show

We decided to start Conscious Kids Cookies because we want to share the love and kindness with cookies that we make and by also donating 10% of our profits to NO KID HUNGRY.

So Grateful to be on Celebrity Chef Katie Chin & Becca Cooking Show.

Chef Katie Chin, is an Asian food expert, cookbook author, TV personality, blogger, and working mom. She knows what it takes to get dinner on the table in a busy household and she specializes in creating everyday Asian recipes for real people on real schedules and budgets.

All our cookies contain love kindness and support! Watch the full video of Chef Katie Chin.

Here’s a behind the scene photo of young entrepreneurs Kailani and Malia captured by supportive mom, Kalika Yap

Also, We’re starting a podcast to share what we’re learning while creating our cookie business — we will also be interviewing other kid bosses! We will let you know when our episodes are up!

Thank you for the love and for supporting No Kid Hungry and Conscious Kids Cookies.

No Kid Hungry is a national campaign run by Share Our Strength, It is a non-profit organization that is working to solve the problem of hunger and poverty all over the world. Share Our Strength launched No Kid Hungry after 25 years of successfully investing in local non-profit organizations.

You can learn more about Share Our Strength by visiting

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