Senior Night

Senior Night Varsity Volleyball Ceremony Speech

The recent Senior Night Varsity Volleyball Ceremony at Harvard-Westlake was a heartwarming tribute to the exceptional qualities of athletes like Malia Yap. It marked the end of a successful season and showcased the strong bonds within the Harvard-Westlake volleyball community. The ceremony was a heartfelt celebration of the seniors, Malia Yap, Kelsey Kim, and Chloe Dolkart, and their significant contributions to the sport.

The ceremony featured a touching speech for Malia, which added a personal and memorable touch to the evening. It was a night filled with sentiment, and shared stories, emphasizing the power of unity and appreciation.

The Speech

During the ceremony, her Head Coach shared this heartfelt speech:

A peaceful warrior with an entrepreneurial spirit, Malia has consistently demonstrated her positive, mindful outlook on life.  Her little quips during intermittent times have had her exact intended effect on her teammates and those around her.  She has been a constant and consistent source of positivity throughout both the season and her volleyball career at Harvard-Westlake.  Malia has taken that influence and positivity beyond just the volleyball court, launching a company with her sister, Kailani, that provides products that have ranged from mindfulness quotes and meditation guides for kids and teens.  This business has now morphed into a charitable cookie business that donates a percentage of its proceeds to No Kid Hungry.  Malia has been and will always be authentic to who she is and that is one of the things we will miss most about her upon her graduation.

Malia is joined by her parents, Rodney and Kalika as well as her sister Kailani.

Sentiments from Teammates

Aside from the speech, teammates also shared heartfelt perspectives on Malia and her fellow seniors, Kelsey Kim and Chloe Dolkart.

Malia Yap

“Always shows up with a smile.”
“Sweet and kind.”
“Calming and friendly.”
“Nicest girl with such good advice.”
“Enthusiastic and works hard to get better.”
“Wise and full of positive vibes.”
“Consistently energetic and fun.”

Kelsey Kim

“Fierce energy and encouraging.”
“Strong and funny.”
“Athletic and always pushes and supports you.”
“Real, smart, and a determined leader.”
“Fun to be around and reliable.”
“Described as ‘My half-Asian Greatest of All Time.'”
“Stellar and hilarious.”

Chloe Dolkart

“Kindhearted and a strong leader.”
“The rock of the team, supportive, and kind.”
“Friendly and the sweetest, giggly.”
“The most positive girl ever.”
“Constant support, always there to listen and laugh.”

These sentiments reflect the deep bonds and appreciation among the teammates and highlight the positive impact that Malia, Kelsey, and  Chloe had on their volleyball community.

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