Kalika Yap and Malia Yap

Los Angeles Times Business Feature

Malia Yap‘s passion for entrepreneurship is woven with the simple yet profound influence of her mother, Kalika. In a photograph published in the Los Angeles Times in 2013, we catch a glimpse of a young Malia with her mother while shopping. This seemingly ordinary moment marked the beginning of a journey guided by a mother’s wisdom.

Growing up, Malia found herself immersed in the teachings of Kalika. Kalika’s influence on Malia goes beyond the typical parental guidance. As an entrepreneur, Kalika shares practical insights, teaching Malia the ropes of business and the importance of seizing opportunities. Her role as an inventor sparks creativity in Malia, encouraging her to think outside the box. Kalika’s prowess as an author shapes the way Malia views storytelling and communication in the business world.

As Malia navigated the complexities of life, her mother’s entrepreneurial spirit served as a reliable compass. Kalika wasn’t just a supporter; she was a role model, demonstrating through actions the essence of making one’s way in the world. Together, they faced the ups and downs of the business world, turning challenges into shared victories.

Today, Malia stands as a testament to the enduring impact of her mother’s influence. Her entrepreneurial journey on Conscious Kids Cookies together with her sister Kailani, is a reflection of the values and lessons imparted by Kalika.

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