Conscious Kids Cookies

CKC Featured on Today’s Gift Giving Do’s and Don’ts

Kailani and Malia, the dynamic duo behind Conscious Kids Cookies, were thrilled to announce some exciting news: their cookies had a star appearance on the Today Show! The cookies took center stage in a captivating segment featuring Myka Meier, the etiquette expert, who shared invaluable tips on mastering the art of perfect gift giving and becoming the ultimate holiday host.

The real showstopper? Without a doubt, it was the mouthwatering Conscious Kids Cookies that stole the spotlight and had everyone buzzing with excitement. Kailani and Malia couldn’t contain their enthusiasm as they watched their cookies shine as the true stars of the show. It was an extraordinary moment to see their delightful treats play a leading role in a lively discussion about the joys of gift-giving and holiday gatherings.

Myka Meier, a seasoned connoisseur of all things etiquette, recognized the exceptional quality of Conscious Kids Cookies. To Kailani and Malia, it felt like their little treats were spreading holiday cheer, one scrumptious bite at a time.

This was an opportunity that no one should miss. Tune into the Today Show’s segment to witness the magic as Conscious Kids Cookies took center stage, embodying the spirit of sharing holiday love, being the life of the party, and savoring the goodness that their cookies offered—all in one remarkable segment.

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