CEO Malia Yap using a laptop on a table.

Balancing Books and Baking as a Student CEO

Malia Yap is a remarkable individual who defies the conventional boundaries of student life by not only excelling academically but also thriving as the CEO and Co-Founder of Conscious Kids Cookies. As an Asian American Pacific Islander, Filipino, and the daughter of an immigrant, Malia’s story is one of resilience, ambition, and the art of balancing education with entrepreneurship.

Student by Day, CEO by Night

Malia Yap effortlessly blends her life as a student at Harvard-Westlake with her role as the CEO of Conscious Kids Cookies. It’s not just about textbooks and business plans, it’s about the spirit of determination that defines the modern-day student entrepreneur. Malia’s knack for handling these dual roles showcases not just her organizational skills but her unwavering passion for both education and business.

Her journey is a reflection of the determination that fuels student entrepreneurs today. Balancing academics and entrepreneurship isn’t just survival for Malia; it’s where she thrives. This is a testament to her exceptional organizational skills and her burning passion for both worlds.

Malia’s entrepreneurial journey isn’t just a personal win it’s a call to action for her peers. She encourages others to dive into their passions, explore what they’re capable of, and see the positive impact they can make while chasing an education.

As Malia continues to excel as a student CEO, the future looks bright for Conscious Kids Cookies. The mix of her academic pursuits and entrepreneurial adventures is a promising landscape waiting to unfold. Malia Yap’s journey isn’t just about her, it’s a shoutout to all the ambitious folks dreaming big. She’s not just balancing academia and entrepreneurship; she’s turning it into an adventure with endless possibilities. Malia stands tall, not just as a symbol of success, but as an inspiration for those ready to take on the challenge.

And hey, she’s not just conquering, she’s enjoying every bit of it. Because, as she’ll tell you, enjoying what you do as a student CEO is key.

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