About Malia Yap

Malia Yap in 2016 is discovering the things that she wants to achieve growing up.


Malia Yap of Los Angeles is a lifelong learner, always keen to absorb new ideas and expand her grasp on the world. Her mind is constantly active, excited to figure out the world’s puzzles.

With the steady resolve of a long-distance runner, Malia sticks to her educational goals, not stopping until she’s got every detail down.
Her research skills are top-notch. Give her any topic, and she’s like an expert detective, thoroughly finding every bit of info. When it comes to critical thinking, she’s a pro. She examines all aspects, breaking down the facts until she completely understands the topic.

Malia might not be the most outspoken in a group, but when she talks, people pay attention. Her communication is clear and to the point, making her words count. She’s also great at working with others, always ready to help out and flexible enough to adapt to changes. Quietly but effectively, Malia is making an impact.


Malia Yap’s love for learning and the thrill of competition has been a constant in her life. From the moment she set foot on the volleyball court at age 10, it became a space where she could challenge herself and shine. Her path in volleyball, starting with the Sunshine Volleyball Club Team and leading to JV and varsity levels at Harvard-Westlake, reflects her growth and passion.

For Malia, being an athlete is a way to be a team player and also to channel her enthusiasm and focus. Volleyball gives her the chance to not only enjoy a sport she adores but also to test and hone her skills and resilience. Her experience in volleyball is a reflection of her life outside the court, highlighting her commitment to improving and mastering every aspect of her life.

Kid Boss Malia Yap and Conscious Kids Cookies featured in ABC7 News


Malia Yap and her sister Kailani have infused their business, Conscious Kids Cookies, with a heartfelt ingredient: a deep sense of social responsibility. Their venture doesn’t just offer scrumptious ube and pandan-flavored cookies, reflecting their Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) heritage; it also supports a profound cause.

Every cookie sold by the Yap sisters does more than just bring joy to taste buds; it contributes to a larger mission. They chose to dedicate 10% of their profits to No Kid Hungry, an organization committed to ending child hunger in America. For Malia and Kailani, their business is more than just about success; it’s about using their platform to create a positive impact.

Their blend of aloha, entrepreneurial drive, and dedication to social good has caught the eye of major TV networks like NBC, ABC, and CBS, even landing them a feature on the Today Show. Malia’s path with Conscious Kids Cookies showcases her passion not just business success, but to lifting others up as well.

Kid Entrepreneur Malia Yap on her vacation in Hawaii


Malia Yap’s talents stretch from her success in baking and volleyball to her profound musical abilities. Her journey with music began at three years old with the piano, where her dedication led to her achieving the impressive Certificate of Merit Level 9. Remarkably, Malia also possesses perfect pitch, an extraordinary skill that enhances her musical expressions.

Her passion for music further blossomed at age 11 when she started playing the oboe, culminating in a memorable performance at Carnegie Hall with the Harvard-Westlake Symphony.

Beyond her performances, Malia is a valued member of the Music Student Service League. This group allows her to combine her exceptional musical talents and her generous spirit, especially through concerts supporting causes like the Daniel Pearl Foundation. This foundation, established in memory of the esteemed journalist Daniel Pearl, promotes cross-cultural understanding, a cause close to Malia’s heart.

Malia’s involvement in these concerts, fueled by her perfect pitch and her love for music, brings her immense joy and a sense of community. Whether she’s creating harmonious melodies or baking unique treats, she’s weaving a legacy of compassion and inspiration.

Malia Yap Family


In Hawaii, family isn’t just a concept, it’s a way of life. Malia Yap, a proud ‘kaikamahine,’ which is the Hawaiin word for daughter, exemplifies the deep-rooted love and respect for their ‘Ohana.’

Malia’s commitment to family begins with her parents, Kalika and Rodney Yap. Her mother, Kalika Yap, is not only a mother but also an entrepreneur who has instilled in Malia the importance of hard work, determination, and pursuing one’s passions.

Malia’s bond with her younger sister, Kailani Yap, is a special one. Together, they share not only a profound connection rooted in love, support, and shared experiences but also their desire to help as they co-founded Conscious Kids Cookies, which aims to give 10% of their profit to No Kid Hungry.

For Malia, being a daughter means treasuring the values of ‘aloha,’ unity, and respect. She is committed to creating a strong and loving family bond, ensuring that every family member feels cherished and valued. Through her genuine care, unwavering support, and deep respect, Malia ensures that the spirit of ‘aloha’ endures through the generations.

Malia’s dedication to her family, her sisterhood with Kailani, and the values she upholds make her a shining example of what it means to be a loving and devoted daughter.

Awards & Recognition

Malia Yap, a bright and passionate student at Harvard-Westlake School, has been honored with the prestigious National Chinese Society Award on May 16th, 2023.

Established in 1996, the National Chinese Society is a well-regarded organization devoted to nurturing an appreciation and deeper understanding of Chinese language and culture across the United States.

This esteemed award is presented to extraordinary students who shine in their Chinese language studies and display remarkable proficiency in Chinese culture.

The National Chinese Society Award is a glowing endorsement of Malia’s commitment, enthusiasm, and love for the Chinese language and culture.

The award ceremony, hosted at Harvard-Westlake School, not only celebrated Malia’s impressive achievements but also highlighted the significance of promoting and preserving China’s rich cultural legacy.

A heartfelt congratulations to Malia Yap for this outstanding accomplishment, which truly exemplifies the essence of cultural exchange and global understanding.

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