About Malia Yap

Malia Yap in 2016 is discovering the things that she wants to achieve growing up.


Malia Yap is a true life-long learner, always on a quest to soak up new ideas and expand her understanding of the world. She’s got a brain that can’t stop being curious, always eager to unravel the world’s mysteries.

With the quiet determination of a marathon runner, Malia delves into her learning pursuits, sticking to them until she has comprehended every nuance.

Her research skills? Spot on. Give her a topic, and she’s like a master sleuth, meticulously uncovering every piece of information. And when it comes to critical thinking, she’s nothing short of a champion. She examines all the angles, dissecting the facts until she’s thoroughly understood the issue at hand.

Though she may not be the loudest in the room, when Malia speaks, everyone listens. Her communication style is succinct and clear, making every contribution valuable. As for collaboration, she’s as reliable as they come, always there to lend a hand, and adaptable enough to navigate sudden changes. Quietly and assuredly, Malia is making her mark.


Malia Yap has always been a lover of both learning and the exhilarating rush of competition. Ever since she first stepped onto the volleyball court at the age of 10, she found a playground where she could push her limits and showcase her talents. Over the years, her journey with the sport has taken her from the Sunshine Volleyball Club Team to playing at the junior varsity and varsity levels at Harvard-Westlake.

Being an athlete serves as the perfect platform for Malia to express her passion and dedication, as she constantly seeks to improve and excel. Volleyball not only allows her to engage in a sport she loves, but also offers a fulfilling way to test her skills and resilience. Her journey on the court beautifully mirrors her journey off it, exemplifying her commitment to personal growth and mastery in every arena.

Kid Boss Malia Yap and Conscious Kids Cookies featured in ABC7 News


In the world of entrepreneurship, Malia Yap and her sister Kailani have stirred in a special ingredient into their business – a strong sense of social responsibility. Their company, Conscious Kids Cookies, not only offers delicious ube and pandan-flavored treats that reflect their Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) roots, but also supports a noble cause.

Each cookie sold does more than just satisfy a sweet tooth; it also contributes to a bigger picture. The Yap sisters decided from the outset to donate 10% of their profits to No Kid Hungry, a non-profit dedicated to ending child hunger in America. For them, it’s not just about running a successful business, but also about using their platform to make a meaningful difference.

Their unique blend of cultural heritage, entrepreneurial spirit, and social contribution has garnered attention from the likes of major TV networks including NBC, ABC, and CBS, even earning them a spot on the Today Show. Malia’s journey with Conscious Kids Cookies highlights her commitment to not only succeed, but also to uplift others along the way.

Kid Entrepreneur Malia Yap on her vacation in Hawaii


Malia Yap’s symphony of skills extends beyond the cookie business and the volleyball court, reaching the realm of music. Beginning her piano journey at just three years old, she has ascended the ranks to secure the prestigious Certificate of Merit Level 9, exemplifying her prowess on the ivories. Moreover, she’s also a proficient oboe player, a musical passion she picked up at age 11 and one that has given her the opportunity to perform at the celebrated Carnegie Hall with the Harvard-Westlake Symphony.

What’s more, Malia is a proud member of the Music Student Service League. This group allows her to marry her musical talents with her philanthropic spirit, performing at various concerts that benefit worthy causes. One such cause is the Daniel Pearl Foundation, an organization close to her heart.

Daniel Pearl was a respected Wall Street Journal reporter kidnapped and murdered while reporting in Pakistan. The Foundation named in his honor promotes cross-cultural understanding and combats prejudice, principles Malia passionately upholds.

Malia’s active participation in these concerts not only brings her personal joy and a sense of community but also aligns with her mission to make a positive impact. Whether creating beautiful music or baking unique cookies, she’s also crafting a legacy of giving back and inspiring others.

Malia Yap Family


In Hawaii, family isn’t just a concept, it’s a way of life. Malia Yap, a proud ‘kaikamahine,’ which is the Hawaiin word for daughter, exemplifies the deep-rooted love and respect for their ‘Ohana.’

Malia’s commitment to family begins with her parents, Kalika and Rodney Yap. Her mother, Kalika Yap, is not only a mother but also an entrepreneur who has instilled in Malia the importance of hard work, determination, and pursuing one’s passions.

Malia’s bond with her younger sister, Kailani Yap, is a special one. Together, they share not only a profound connection rooted in love, support, and shared experiences but also their desire to help as they co-founded Conscious Kids Cookies, which aims to give 10% of their profit to No Kid Hungry.

For Malia, being a daughter means treasuring the values of ‘aloha,’ unity, and respect. She is committed to creating a strong and loving family bond, ensuring that every family member feels cherished and valued. Through her genuine care, unwavering support, and deep respect, Malia ensures that the spirit of ‘aloha’ endures through the generations.

Malia’s dedication to her family, her sisterhood with Kailani, and the values she upholds make her a shining example of what it means to be a loving and devoted daughter.

Awards & Recognition

Malia Yap, a bright and passionate student at Harvard-Westlake School, has been honored with the prestigious National Chinese Society Award on May 16th, 2023.

Established in 1996, the National Chinese Society is a well-regarded organization devoted to nurturing an appreciation and deeper understanding of Chinese language and culture across the United States.

This esteemed award is presented to extraordinary students who shine in their Chinese language studies and display remarkable proficiency in Chinese culture.

The National Chinese Society Award is a glowing endorsement of Malia’s commitment, enthusiasm, and love for the Chinese language and culture.

The award ceremony, hosted at Harvard-Westlake School, not only celebrated Malia’s impressive achievements but also highlighted the significance of promoting and preserving China’s rich cultural legacy.

A heartfelt congratulations to Malia Yap for this outstanding accomplishment, which truly exemplifies the essence of cultural exchange and global understanding.

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